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What makes Farlie Solomonslashes so unique?

Placing yourself should be your first commitment to the tick list. In the bumble-jumble of everyday life, we sometimes forget to be happy and stay positive. Trust me, a good look and happy complemented outing could bring to you that desired contentment.

When it comes to the instant transformation of a complete makeup look, it’s no longer a secret that lashes play their best part.  If you are all hooked up with the same look then we recommended breaking free all the barriers and trying out falsies. The world of lashes is open for all skin types and feminine beauties who want to cult different look with breaking barriers of all stereotypical look. They just blend in like a natural look without any kind of strenuous efforts. They are so soft and made out of cruelty-free easy to be suited to all volume of eyes.



Unlike mascara or eye makeup, the lashes are completely tear-free so that they don’t spoil your look. Without mascara too you could have that uber-glam confidence of stepping out of your comfort home. Even if you any sort of last-minute plan, the lashes extensions will save your lot of time and effort. false eyelashes do come a long way and there are millions of people being satisfied after the application of lashes. If these lashes are strategically applied then they are bound to create in all sorts of a different look in minutes.

When you wish to create in that new stir and turn heads on; lashes are totally acceptable right from gala events to formal parties.  Completely made out of vegan free techniques you could easily wear lashes without any kind of guilt.

Popularity of False eyelashes Online and trouble-free application.



  • Water-proof make up:- In any event or gathering if you feel that your gestures could be easily trigged then instead of applying liner or mascara, we recommend you to wear falsies. Buy false eyelashes it can even be used by a bride.
  • Simpler yet statement bonding: –Fairy like you deserves to be trend setter and therefore creating appeal of minimum make up look is must. With false eyelashes online you could add that dramatic definition to your eyes.
  • Draws attention to best features:–您的眼睛是您内心和灵魂的真实反映,通过捏造虚假,您可以突出创作者本身赋予您的最佳功能。突出地讲,它们很容易与多种化妆风格搭配,非常适合每种尺寸的眼睛。
  • Cuts down that everyday same look feeling: –Even if you long and straight natural lashes and curl it up it can give you same look feeling. Without worrying of anything with falsies you can add dramatic eye makeup impact of adding up glitter or wear makeup of your own choice. The best part when you wear falsies you didn’t have to worry on anything as they are made out of complete cruelty free and vegan process. They are so soft that you could even trimming down falsies as per your need. Right from the online store you could choose vivid style of eyelashes.
  • Long lasting for hours: –Either you have got changes in the plan or want to attend those boozy nights after office, the falsies stay for longer period of time. There is no hidden perception that when you want that perfect celebrity like look you could always trust on falsies.

Bold girls never fear of experimenting with new eye makeup look, trying out new falsies is new way to look distinctive.

Why are Falsies so important these days?


Let me clear out the air, that modern designed lashes are much easy to apply and there are hassles free way to apply them. Buy False Eyelashes Online without damaging natural lash have the power to transform your look. If you are blessed with damn gorgeous look, then false eyelashes will give to you that extra edgy power to stand out distinctive from the crowd. They are ultra light and designed to suit your modern fashion needs. When you are using falsies for the first time all you have to do that apply with gentle hands. Right from hot chic celebrities to trend setters there are commendable reasons to add up falsies in our style statement, some of them are as follows:-

  • Voluminous look in minutes:- If you are hoping to elaborate on thing that you have already got, consider set of applying  false eyelashes. Right from dwindling cool to sensuous hot looks there are multiple styles in falsies that could easily amp up your look.
  • Easily suitable lashes for every make up application: –无论是公司,优雅还是休闲装,造假者都轻松适用于每种化妆应用。根据眼睛的大小,您可以根据需要修剪或卷曲它们。即使您有任何最后一分钟的计划,或愿意在短时间内通知他,您的外表都是虚假的。 Sshhh…睫毛可能是完美的伴侣,让它眨眼。
  • Dark appearance even for groovy nights: –The plus advantage of falsies is that they are totally sweat free. Even the appearance of them is darker to make your look more dramatic. The lashes are so light weight that you could use them single or can even stack it up with any other style.
  • Blends up well just like natural:- 如果您想知道是什么让所有名人与众不同,那么首先关注的总是向着眼睛倾斜;然后,让我们告诉您一个秘密,那就是应用虚构人物来达到目标​​。如果您全部准备好使外观完全漂亮,并且最重要的是,那么我们可以肯定的是,伪造品将在几分钟之内为您带来超清晰的外观。


Make a badass entry of your style statement with best ever lashes!

When you want to wear cape of badass girl you didn’t not need to feel shy on anything. Go bold and badass with our latest collection of false eyelashes Online.



When you want that intense and voluminous look all you got to trust is on our false eyelashes. Without causing any kind of harm to natural lashes, they would instantaneously fix and meet your fashion requirement. Our badass collection stands out to be unique therefore if your dream is stand apart from the crowd then owning our lashes is perfect option for you. Meticulously designed for fashionistas, these lashes are perfect for any volume eyed personality. As they are designed soft you could easily trim them up or curl it up according to your needs. We believe in giving you complete contentment of our services therefore these pair of lashes comes to you in a box.

The trigonometry style feathers and dark structure work wonders even if you don’t want to take that extra load of makeup. We always believe that the lash should be applied clean and with gentle hands. You would just love them for everyday enhancement.  Due to darker feature the eyes will look fuller even with minimal make up look. The false eyelashes are perfect to be your BFFs and will make you look confident all day long. The lashes are extravangant that you would love them to flaunt them off in girls hangout or going on date with your loved ones.

Bottom line

Few years back the demand for false eyelashes makeup kit was rare. It was a luxury then. But now most of the women have eyelash extensions. There is an exponential growth in the demand to buy false eyelashes online. The main difference is how normal it has become to get eyelash extensions done similar to a hairdo. Do not be skeptical. Just visit as you will be finding each and every lash be it half-lash accents or full strip choices with great volume. So whatever be your preference, this beauty products store’s fake lashes will be giving you the perfect look that you have always wanted.

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